7ocean People provide skilled engineers for consultancy and project support to the maritime, oil and gas industries

Their knowledge, experience and expertise forms the success of our business.

About us 7ocean People

7ocean People is a Norwegian Engineering Consultancy Company specialised in providing skilled engineers and project support to the maritime and oil related industries. Leading international players are among our partners.

7ocean People were established in 2002 and became an separate company in 2010. We are strategically situated in Ålesund, right in the heart of the maritime industry.

As a 7ocean People employee, you will benefit from a professional organisation with your own personal advisor and contact. Everything is carefully organised according to Norwegian laws and regulations.

About 7ocean Peoples employees:

- Average work experience is 11 years

- Approx 31% of our employees have a Masters degree

- Approx 49% of our employees have a Bachelors degree

Our vacancies

We employ people from all over the world. Knowledge has no borders.

Norway / Sweden / India / Netherlands / Croatia / Poland / Serbia / Romania / Russia / United Kingdom

7ocean People are located on the west coast of Norway. The Norwegian maritime, oil and gas industry is fast developing and one of the market leaders in the world when it comes to technological innovation. The industry requires skilled, innovative and creative engineers. To find the qualified engineers we seek across boarders until we find the one…

Available Engineers

We are constantly working with skilled and qualified candidates with solid competance in various areas of Maritime Technology. Many of them with national and international experience.

Below you see an selection of some of our availeble engineers, please let us know and we will help you with your demand for engineers.

  • Senior Control System & Automation Engineer - Master
  • Condition monitoring engineer - Vibration - Propulsion - NDT
  • Senior Struktur Ingeniør - 2D drawings & 3D modellering.
  • Senior Naval Architect - Steel/Structural & Hull designer
  • Senior Machinery, Piping & Mechanical Engineer
  • Senior Naval Architect - Hydrodynamic Principle Engineer
  • Senior HVAC Dicipline Leader for Yards
  • Propeller designer - Team Leader CPP & Gears
  • Senior elektroingeniør - Skip
  • Senior mekanisk ingeniør - Unigraphics NX
  • Accomondation and Outfitting Design Engineer

References / Our CV

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Bragd Engineering
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Live in Norway

Norway is a thouroghly organised country built on social democratic values. We expect people to pay their taxes and behave responsibly. In return, people get free schools, proper health care, worker’s rights and more. Facts about Norway: Living and working in Norway

Work and residence permit

We will help out with the application and procedures related to work and residence permit for both you and your family. For more info: udi.no / nyinorge.no


We will help you to find suitable accomodation close to the workplace.

Kindergarten and school

Kindergarten and public school is relatively cheap in Norway. Kindergarden is available for children from 1 to 5 years. In Norway all children from 6 years have both the right and the obligation to go to school.

The National Insurance Scheme

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Work in Norway

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Working hours

In principle, normal working hours are 7,5 hour per day, 5 days a week. An alternative arrangement is permitted - average calculation of working hours. This means that the employee can work more in some periods and less in others. To read more: arbeidstilsynet.no

Health and safety

The responsibility for a satisfactory working environment lies both with the employer and the employee. Our HSE work is top priority and is rooted in the company's management philosophy.

Tax and tax return

If you work for a Norwegian employer all income and additional benefits is taxable. When you arrive in Norway you apply for a tax deduction card. With the the tax deduction card we will deduct the correct amount of tax from your salary each month. Your Norwegian national ID number will also be specified on the tax deduction card. For more information: taxnorway.no and skatteetaten.no

You will receive a tax return from the Norwegian Tax Administration in March/April. The tax return gives an overview of your income, deductions, assets and debts for the last income year. skatteetaten.no/tax-return



We are

Jorid Sunde



Managing Director
Jorid Sunde
Langelandsvegen 17
NO-6010 Ålesund
+47 482 65 259 js(at)7ocean.no

Jorid is our great organizer! She coordinates travels, visas, work permits and accommodation, in additions to internal development projects. Jorid has experience from management and organizing mainly from the hotel industry, which makes her our perfect host. Jorid is an active woman also privately; she is organizing children’s sports activities in the local community, a hobby photographer and often engaged in outdoor activities together with her family.

Ronny Eidsvik



Sales and Recruitment manager
Ronny Eidsvik
Langelandsvegen 17
NO-6010 Ålesund
+47 926 16 558 re(at)7ocean no

Ronny is responsible for sales and recruitment. Ronny has technical education, experience from management and sales. He was a project leader for one of our offshore customers in Bergen for 3 years, before he stepped into our administration. Ronny has won several national titles in Taekwondo and is very engaged in the sport as a coach and administrator. Ronny has an extensive network and everywhere he is, he gets a new coantact

Maria Mostrøm Gulbrandsen



Marketing Consultant
Maria Mostrøm Gulbrandsen
Langelandsvegen 17
NO-6010 Ålesund
+47 415 04 137 mmg(at)7ocean.no

Knut-Arild Emblem



Chairman / Innovation
Knut-Arild Emblem
Langelandsvegen 17
NO-6010 Ålesund

Knut-Arild is our Chairman, beside this he also work with marketing and inovation.